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Angela rae

Angela is a Melbourne based dancer, choreographer and fine art model. She enjoys collaborations and creating with new people in multiple art mediums.

In 2013 Angela was accepted into Deakin University to complete a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) degree, which focuses on Contemporary Dance. Working and learning from dance practitioners Olivia Millard, Shuan Mcleod, Megan Beckwith, Steph Hutchinson, Sally Gardner and Dianne Reid. With Deakin Angela received a grant to travel overseas and participate in a Dance Internship based at the Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta, learning from Ibu Heni and Pak Dodo.

Angela also got accepted into a Pre-Professional Dance Company called YellowWheel directed by Adam Wheeler and Joshua Lowe in 2015 and then moved into YW2 the graduate collective. This included weekly training at Lucy Guerin Inc, many performances and opportunities to choreograph and collaborate with other young movement makers. Also having exclusive workshops with many international artists such as Israel Iloni, Lee Brummer, DanceNorth, Lauren Langlois, Jodie Toogood, ChunkyMove, Melanie Lane, Jo Lloyd, Phillip Adams, Luke George and Deanne Butterworth.

Life modelling was introduced to Angela by her friend and fellow mover Katy Woods. She soon joined up with the Life Model Society in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed this new art practice, as a dancer she is able to control her body well and sustain dynamic, graceful and unique forms.

From mid 2017 to now Angela has been focusing on travelling and has worked with artists in Berlin, Brussels and India such as Stella Zannou, Heidi Weiss, Jennifer Marameo, Lokesh Soni and Valsan Koorma Kolleri. Continuing her interest in Improvisation, Site-Specific, Nude Art, collaboratative practice and performance.

Practice: Contemporary Dancer/Choreographer and Artist's Model
Instagram: angelaraeartist
Facebook: angela.dexter.33
Contact email: angelaraeartist @