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Erica Rasmussen

Erica is a percussionist and educator. She completed a Master of Music Performance in Percussion and Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the University of Melbourne. While there, Erica was awarded the J.S Bach prize and received a scholarship to study with Montreal Symphony Orchestra timpanist Andrei Malashenko at McGill University (Canada). In 2009, she received a grant from the Cybec Foundation to participate in a Winter Music Creative Residency at the Banff Centre, Canada.

Erica has managed and directed a number of professional and community projects since 2009, including Paint What You Hear, a series of workshops where children respond to live music using paint, Falling Colours of Autumn, a community art and music project at the Incinerator Arts Complex in Moonee Ponds, and the multi-disciplinary, participatory project, Silhouettes, Inside Outside.

Erica is Director of Crashendo!, an El Sistema-inspired music program at Laverton P-12 College. Students aged 7-15 attend four hours of classes after school each week for instrument tuition and group rehearsals. The instruments are provided and participation in the program is free. The children receive stellar musical training and through their involvement in the program develop valuable skills such as teamwork, commitment, confidence, trust, coordination, tolerance, discipline and concentration. They develop a strong sense of belonging, purpose, self-worth and pride in achievement. They learn to work together and rely on each other in a positive, engaging environment. The children also have the opportunity to attend professional performances and perform regularly at school and in the community.

Name: Erica Rasmussen
Company: Crashendo!
Role: Director
Practice: Music
Facebook: crashendomusic
Instagram: @erica_ras