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grazia marin

Grazia Marin is a visual artist, creative writer, art educator and psychologist with qualifications in visual art, psychology, counselling, education and training. In her visual art, she prefers to focus on social issues, themes and myths as well as decorative work. Many mediums attract her including oils, watercolour, pens, pastel, mosaic, textiles and so on and she has used most of these in her four solo exhibitions. When developing her educator role, she drew on all her professional experiences and qualifications and developed various programs for children and adults. As a writer, Grazia has created short stories for children, poems, songs and a science fiction novella. These written works are in the experimental stage. What she treasures most of all is creativity as it presents new things. This is exciting. Grazia would love to collaborate on projects with other artists of any genre, which will take her down new paths of art. In the past, she has also produced small soiree style recitals in her home and country property. Grazia enjoys bringing beautiful music to people in an intimate setting.

Practice: Visual artist/creative writer/educator
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