hanna jenkin

Hanna Jenkin

Hanna Jenkin aka Jessica at Birth is a multi skilled storyteller across mediums such as live improvisation, recorded composition, sound art, spoken word, and feminist punk.

Primarily an Outsider Artist Hanna has been practicing for 22 years with her first exhibition as project officer for Youth for Youth inc back in the early 90s in Ipswich punk, zines, bands, art installations, street art etc. Moving into West End in 1999 Hanna trained with Anna Yen and Pandora Karavan in Clown, adagio, fire eating, etc with Vulcana Womens Circus and returned to Ipswich with some artists to teach circus in family violence/sexual assault services.

Elected the University of Queensland's womens organiser for the Student Union by 12500 students, Hanna wrote and co-edited Heretical where she was mentored by Lisa Bellear in poetry, radio interviewing and community activism. On her 21st birthday with support of Lisa, Hanna went to Melbourne to research the story of her birthmother. This discovery at Human Services about the complexity and tragedy of her birthmum informed her intersectionality compassion training.

Themes that Jessica at Birth explores in her music include raised poor working class narratives, resilience from sexual assault and queer stories of movement, being an outsider and single parenting in poverty. Releasing her debut album Sound in the Head on the 13th October 2019 Hanna is completing her degree in Songwriting and Music Production. Storytelling is the heart of her work, bringing people together for compassion, celebration and recovery.

Artist Project Name: Jessica at Birth
Company: Sound in the Head Studios
Role: Founder
Practice: Outsider Feminist Art, including sound art, indyfolkpunk, spoken word, clown characters, content writing, physical theatre, improvisational storytelling ie playback theatre, action theatre and multi modal artist
Website: jessicaatbirth.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @jenkinhanna
Email: hannajenkin @ gmail.com