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Jonathon Goodfellow 

Zimbabwe born & an Australian citizen since 1981, Jonathon's turbulent childhood marked a clear separation from the values of his British parents & siblings. A childhood PTSD survivor, arts gave an escape from a deep sense that he lived out of place: first dance, then drawing, painting & printmaking, costume design & creation, before media design studies (commercial photography).

A dance teacher by late teens, Jonathon was coming out as HIV/AIDS arrived. He built a strong following during this period, with regular commissions including for HIV/AIDS education campaigns.

Community advocacy roles focused on disability rights ensued for 20 yrs. In 2013 the RC into Institutional Child Sex Abuse began & Jonathon gave evidence in 2015. Reckoning his past returned him to full time arts practice, not despite but because of his PTSD.

Jonathon's current work explores abstraction’s importance to understanding our evolution, language & behaviour, with practices drawn from the rigour of scientific research to using coding to breath new life into otherwise disposable images. These processes reinforce the immediacy of artistic motivation, taking inspiration from & using what’s close at hand, uncovering beauty in the unseen, discarded, devalued & dangerous, stimulating the intuitive capacity to relate to that without apparent meaning or value; finding subjective aesthetic relevance in the formless, the abstract, the distant, the disturbed.

In 2016, Jonathon crowdfunded his first solo show “A Survivor’s Journey To Abstraction”, through the Australian Cultural Fund. The recovery & art message was warmly embraced & reported. Jonathon is currently working on exhibiting his second solo show, “Subterra: From the burning underworld to climate change solution”.

Practice: Multidisciplinary and multimedia artist
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