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Joseph Bauer

Joseph Bauer was accepted into a B.A of Architecture/Building but was immediately drawn to the B.A. of Arts (Computer Mediated Art). This course was the first of its kind and he has been creating art and videos digitally ever since. Joseph Bauer Art was officially online in 2012 and the first video published on YouTube early 2014. He currently teaches Visual Arts in a Prep to Nine college.

Joseph’s work and subjects are meditative, expressionless yet deeply contemplative. Working quickly to ‘freeze’ time, he begins without a definite concept, scribbles thick outlines then thins them out. This subtractive process is flexible, adaptive and most of all, revealing. Colour is applied in the same manner and has lately been guided by Jungian and Eastern colour theories.

We are influential in ways than we can not realise. Our actions impact those around us...who then impact those around them. To not value our own voice and action ourself in as globally positive a way as we are able, would be to disregard the lottery we have won to be standing in this place…in this time.

Company: Joseph Bauer Art
Practice: Visual Art
Facebook: ScribblyJoe
Instagram: @ScribblyJoe
Phone: 0407 512 970