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Kaz Leong

My life and nursing experience have given me an understanding of people and an ability to view my subjects compassionately, adding a unique and intimate dimension to my photography.

Portraiture, black and white, raw. The main focus is humanity, celebrating life and love, even in the face of disease process. My aim in all of my work is always to highlight the need for care and consideration of others.

Currently working on the “Still Beautiful” project, creating awareness of poor self-esteem in ageing women.

Living in a multicultural family, I travel widely, especially to Malaysia. An active Member of the Penang Arts Community, spending much time walking the streets, talking to and photographing the every-day people, giving back to them. Embracing all cultures, despite the obvious differences in lifestyle and society, I strive to respectfully capture our shared humanity, no matter where we come from.

I am finding that my photography is leading me in the direction where I can empower others and create social change. I use my skill to make others feel beautiful and to capture precious moments that otherwise may go undocumented.

Company: K.C. Leong Photography
Practice: Photographer, Visual Artist, Nurse.
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