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Ken McKean

Ken is a non-Aboriginal artist and has been practicing art for close to 30 years. His work has changed over the years from early days where he worked in watercolour and pencil drawing inspired by his mother and Grandmother.

Later he became interested in Surrealism. Living in the bush for some time Ken was inspired by nature and painted a lot of bush scenes. Ken also worked with renowned artist Brian Dunlop for 12 months where he learnt some useful techniques in oil painting.

Over the years he has done many collaborations with his wife Fiona Clarke, (a Kirrae Whurrong Aboriginal artist). They work as a team particularly in public arts.

Currently Ken is enjoying playing with the imagination of the millions of years of history. This lies hidden in the faces of the natural rock walls, waterfalls and images from nature. Ken currently lives in Sunshine with his wife and daughter and work from their studio at the Hunt Club.

Practice: Visual Arts
Facebook: @kenneth.i.mckean
Instagram: @mckeankennethartist