Matthew Simpson

Matthew Simpson is a visual artist. He has painted for many years. His work for the past few years has concentrated on the possibilities of form and patterns that emerge through a process of repeated addition of lines. The process involves both random mark making and considered addition to revealed structures. The technique attains the final form gradually and seeks a tension between all over field and emerged forms made up of combined marks. There is also a dialogue of size between the scale of the brush marks and the larger patterns they combine to make to suggest that the structure continues on all scales in the nature of fractal space. In some cases the marks take on a graphic nuance to give the impression of representation.

Matthew is interested by the restless eye in a motionless medium when the viewer follows one colour around a canvas and then starts to follow a neighbouring skin of colour and so on.

Practice: Visual Art
Facebook: @MatthewMichaelSimpson
Instagram: jiggered1
Contact: 0422 562 657