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Mito Elias

Mito was born in the city of Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde, and studied art in Arco – Lisbon between 1989 and 1992.

He has lived and worked in the diaspora since 1989, developing an original imagery language consisting of the search for Creole oral traditions and tales, a symbiotic style between wash, writing and multimedia, he has thus named as Mare Calamus.

Ever since 1983 Mito Elias has regularly presented his exhibits, work drawn, painted, written or video-graphed, travelling to all corners of the world. He is represented in many an exhibition all over the world, deserving special mention the following: Mundial Bank - USA, BNU – Macao (China), Afro Brazil Museum - São Paulo - Brazil, Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, Presidency of the Cape Verde Republic, Embassy of Cape Verde in Lisbon, and Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria, Australia.

He lives in Melbourne - Australia since 2013, working as a Visual Arts Tutor at FCAC and he runs Fandata Studio together with his partner Ana Rita Pires.

Company: Fandata Studio
Practice: Visual arts and performatic poetry
Facebook: @OTIMarte
Instagram: @otimarte
Email: otimarte @
Phone: 0448070195