Arts West response to the Creative Victoria discussion paper

Arts West response to the Creative Victoria discussion paper
Creative Industries Strategy – Let's get creative about Victoria's future

Arts West consists of eight arts and cultural small to medium sized organisations, including 100 Story Building, Big West Festival, cohealth arts generator, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Snuff Puppets, The Substation, Western Edge Youth Arts and Women’s Circus.

1. Enhancing arts and cultural opportunities

Arts West proposes that a clear and collaborative approach is implemented, driven by the Victorian Government, to connect arts and cultural organisations with all departments, agencies and portfolios to ensure arts and culture are always considered.

  • Whole of Government support for creative, vibrant and accessible spaces in all communities.
  • Embed and prioritise creative policies within all government portfolios.
  • Build on existing creative and cultural hubs to ensure sustained innovation and access.
  • Create opportunities for creative industries and planning sector to connect through digital networks or workshops.

2. Increasing participation and social impact

Arts West proposes that funding support is available for arts and cultural organisations to develop their accessibility in venue, marketing, audience development and programming.

  • Ensure all organisations funded by Creative Victoria prioritise participation and access to programs and opportunities.
  • All funding applications and applicants must address access and inclusion considerations.
  • Encourage partnerships between larger cultural institutions and the small-to-medium and independent sectors with appropriate resourcing and support.

3. Supporting Aboriginal arts and culture

Arts West proposes a greater investment in skills development and employment – not just for Indigenous artists but also Indigenous producers, marketers and arts administrators.

  • Aboriginal arts and culture is central to all arts and cultural activities – all organisations should have appropriate advisory measures in place, including local Elders, advisory groups and artists.
  • Creative Victoria and appropriate advisors to develop guidelines and provide easy access to resources.

4. Supporting Victoria’s multicultural arts and culture

Arts West proposes a greater investment in skills development and employment not just for CALD artists, but also CALD producers, marketers and arts administrators.

  • An example of this model is the Structured Mentorship Program that was offered by Australia Council for the Arts provided opportunities for CALD artists and emerging producers to work with the organisations and arts administrators.

5. Support for one - off grants for new works of significant scale

Arts West seeks commitment to a big ideas investment fund to provide one - off grants of up to $500,000.00 for the small-to-medium and independent sectors to enable significant new works of scale to be developed and premiere in Victoria.

  • Shared service delivery models and opportunities for collaboration require investment – this initiative would be an incredible opportunity to make a significant programming impact.

6. Reinstate indexation of Organisations Investment Program (OIP) funding

Arts West proposes increases to core funding to organisations and increase funding to Creative Victoria grants for independent artists; and enable individual artists and non-OIP organisations to hold multiple grants simultaneously.

7. Shared knowledge building and resources

Arts West proposes the creation of a fund/initiative to encourage shared knowledge building and resources and new business models in order to alleviate pressure on core funding for organisations and to increase delivery capacity and provide opportunities for new revenue.

8. Supporting Victorian artists international activity

Arts West proposes that eligibility to the international touring program is reinstated for organisations currently under the OIP.

  • Increase opportunity for artists and companies to take their work to the international market.
  • Create opportunities for small-to-medium and independent sector companies and artists to collaborate with international artists through residencie