Peeka Panda

Peeka Panda

A kid's yogic journey embodies mindfulness, movement, exploration, and adventure. Every child is born with creative genius, a great sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination...

Peeka Panda offers a fun, engaging and nurturing space for children to express their creative energy and build deep and empowered connections with themselves, with others and with the world around them. Peeka Panda focuses on not simply yoga poses, but on children's holistic wellness, exercising the mind, body and spirit, and ultimately providing kids with powerful life skills.

Nature-inspired and taking elements from Montessori, Waldorf Steiner and Reggio Emilia education philosophies, Peeka Panda infuses and interchanges child-centred, play-based and self-guided approaches into our classes.

Our kids represent our future. When we encourage our kids to be inspired, stay inspired and live inspired, they pave the way for incredible transformation...


Company: Peeka Panda
Role: Owner / Instructor
Practice: Kids Yoga & Creative Expression
Facebook: @peekapanda
Instagram: @peekapanda
Contact: Thuy Vo | thuy.nhu.vo @ | 0412 053 715