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Shahana Kiran

Shahana is a Melbourne Based Mixed Media Artist.

Her paintings depict life, life all around, highs and lows of life, beauty of life, depth of life, colours of life and life as a whole. Nature; it’s colours and textures inspire and motivate her the most.

Art has always been her passion. She finds Art as the strongest medium of expressing ourselves. She believes colours have a language and she loves playing with different colours and textures to express the life around her. She views Life as a beautiful gift. Just like colours, some shades of life are more appealing to us than others. But the focus for one should be to cherish all these different shades of life and colours around us. She loves creating unique art pieces.. She loves experimenting with acrylics, alcoholic inks, resin and mixed mediums.

Artistic Practice: Visual Art
Facebook: @shahanaartstudio
Instagram: @shahanaartstudio
Phone: 0429 777 947